Red Velvet Prawns

These vibrant Red Velvet Prawns, deliver a fantastically visual dish that is guaranteed to give your customers the wow factor. Coloured with natural beetroot extract, these King Prawns are sweet to eat and taste as good as they look.

Why not serve as a combo dish with the award-winning Kuro Prawns, a stunningly contrasting charcoal black coated Prawn.

The Pacific West range of Prawns is extensive, including raw peeled Vannamei Prawns and a wide range of value added Prawns including Salt and Pepper Shrimp Bombs, Tempura Torpedo Prawns and the classic Panko Coated Prawns! If you’re not sure which ones are best for you, get in touch and we can help you decide!

Code Description Pack Size


Raw Red Velvet Prawns 16-20

10 x 500g


Red velvet prawns, beetroot prawns red velvet king prawns