Smoked Salmon - Sliced

Smoked Salmon is suitable for so many menu applications, from sandwiches and bagels, through to seafood platters and stirred through pasta, risotto and frittatas. Of course, you could always serve it in the classic way with just a wedge of bread, real butter and a wedge of lemon.

The Pacific West range of Smoked Salmon comes in three options, including 200g or 500g packs, or 1 kilo sliced sides. Whichever you choose, we know it will be a menu success!

In addition to Smoked Salmon we also have Smoked Mackerel and Smoked Haddock, ask for details.

Code Description Pack Size
SSS Smoked Salmon - Sliced Sides

10 x 1kg

SSS200PW Smoked Salmon - Sliced 200g

10 x 200g

SSS500PW  Smoked Salmon - Sliced 500g

10 x 500g


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