Coldwater Prawns - MSC

Coldwater Prawns are a menu staple, fished in the cold Northern Hemisphere waters their flavour is distinctly sweet and their texture firm. These two products are MSC certified, giving you a sustainable menu option.

Coldwater Prawns are ideal for classic Prawn cocktails or to serve in salads, sandwiches and so much more! Choosing the right Prawn for your business can be a challenge, get in touch and our team will talk you through the best option for your needs. 

Code Description Pack Size
CWP250PW Coldwater Prawns - MSC 150-250

5 x 2kg

(1.2kg nett)

CWP275PW Coldwater Prawns - MSC 275-375

4 x 2.5kg (2.25kg nett)

CWP125PW Coldwater Prawns – Greenland, Single Frozen - MSC 125 - 175

4 x 2.5kg (2.25kg nett)


Coldwater Prawns – Greenland, Single Frozen - MSC 4 x 2.5kg (1.875kg nett)


Norwegian DF 100/200 Coldwater Prawns - MSC

4 x 2.25kg nett


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