Squid Tubes U5

These Squid tubes have been cleaned and fully trimmed to leave just the Squid tubes ready for you to create your menu dishes. Squid tubes are incredibly versatile and are often stuffed to create a delicious main course.

If you prefer to cut into strips or rings you can then add crumbs or a tempura batter for a home made starter or sharing platter. We also have a range of value added Squid including salt and pepper Squid chunks, panko coated Squid rings or strips. We have Squid ideas for every menu! Get in touch to find out more.

Code Description Pack Size
STU5PW Squid Tubes U5 10 x 1kg (700g nett) 
STU5LF Little Fisher Squid Tubes 10 x 1kg (600g nett)


COOKING METHODS pan fry BBQ Oven Bake Deep Fry
squid, calamari, loligo squid whole squid, cleaned squid, frozen squid