Delicious Salt & Pepper Squid with Mint & Peanut - developed by

NEWS RECIPES 07/10/2021

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As part of Sustainable Seafood Week, we're proud to supply the MSC certified Squid Rings for this delicious recipe developed by James Strawbridge in partnership with MSC.

As the evenings get a little darker and colder, it's time to bring back those summer flavours with this week night dinner inspiration from chef James Strawbridge with his Salt and Pepper Squid with Mint and Peanut recipe. Crispy, peppery and nutty with a seaweed batter – this is escapism in a dish – prepare to be transported to a sunny day on the coast. James created this recipe for Sustainable Seafood Week 2021.

Easy to prepare in under 10 minutes, cooking time is just 25 minutes and we can confirm it's a terrific dish and tastes as good as it looks!

Here's a link to the recipe featured on the MSC website.

To find out more about the MSC you can visit their website here