Maximise your margin with our Summer Seafood Sizzler promotion

NEWS 04/08/2021

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With the summer season in full swing, we’re hearing reports of staycation booms right across the UK. If you’ve tried to book a holiday, you’ll know how busy everywhere is! And, these holidaymakers all have to eat somewhere, combine that with people taking day trips or just eating out anyway and it’s easy to understand why hospitality is booming right now.
In addition to the booming staycation period, there’s a well reported shortage of hospitality workers, meaning that kitchens are under more pressure than ever before.
To support the hospitality sector at this incredibly busy time, the team at Pacific West have created a promotion around ten of our favourite products, we’re calling them our Summer Seafood Sizzlers.
Not only are there terrific deals to be had, so hot we can’t share them here, these ten products will help you save time in the kitchen, minimise wastage and maximise margin. Winner, winner, seafood dinner we hear you say!
Here’s a selection of some of the value added seafood products included in the Summer Seafood Sizzlers:
The promotion starts on Monday 9th August 2021, and will run to the 30th of September. All deals are on a first come, first served basis, so get in touch to find out what’s on offer.
Don’t delay…you won’t want to miss these sizzling seafood deals! Get in touch today to find out more.