Salt & Pepper Competition

NEWS 27/11/2019

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Have you heard the news?

We’re launching a competition in 2020 where ten boxes of our best-selling Salt & Pepper Squid will have a lucky golden ticket inside, each worth £1000 in holiday vouchers!

If you’re a Pacific West supply partner, there’s good news for you too! If one of your customers finds a £1000 golden ticket, you will also be a winner, when we supply you £500 of Pacific West seafood, free of charge.

Click here for the full T&C’s.


The original, and still the best

The Pacific West Salt & Pepper Squid was created over ten years ago and is often deemed to be the original, and still the best product on the market.

Natural, raw, tender pieces of squid are scored to give a unique texture and appearance. Coated in a tasty authentic salt and pepper coating they are then individually frozen, this product is par fried ready to be finished either in a conventional oven or deep fried.

Perfect for starters served with a simple dip and leaf salad or as part of a seafood platter, it’s easy to see how this Asian inspired Squid would work as part of a street food offering.


Will you have a winning ticket?

Look out for the special boxes of Salt & Pepper Squid, as shown in the image below, and check inside carefully - you may be a winner!

Whatever your seafood needs, Pacific West have the latest innovation and good old fashioned classics.

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