Fraud Alert

Unauthorized Use of Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd Name and Logo

Please be aware of the unauthorized use of the Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd company name and addresses, employee names and logos.

Fraudulent parties have attempted to defraud companies through the unauthorized use of Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd using fake e-mails addresses falsely claiming to be an employee of Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd.

Such e-mails seek to extract money or services from unsuspecting parties by attempting to appear legitimate. By way of example and not limitation, they will contact you requesting telecommunications be setup in Pacific West Foods name and quoting our VAT number, registered address etc.

If you receive any communication purportedly from Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd, particularly where you are asked to setup a service under contract or if there is any doubt as to the authenticity of the communication from or about Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd, please report it to Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd using the contact us page on our website.

Thank you.

Pacific West Foods (UK) Ltd

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